The Advanced Algorithm Powering Duplitext

Precision and Innovation in Plagiarism Detection

Leveraging Fresh Search Index

Extensive Online Coverage

Duplitext's algorithm utilizes the latest search private-index, ensuring every scan encompasses the broadest spectrum of publicly available content.

Real-Time Relevance

By accessing current and extensive data, Duplitext guarantees up-to-date and comprehensive plagiarism checks

Precise Phase Detection Methodology

Six-Word Phrase Matching

Our algorithm's unique approach focuses on matching six-word phrases, offering more precise results compared to traditional sentence or paragraph-based checks.

Enhanced Detection Accuracy

This innovative technique identifies potential plagiarism with greater specificity, improving the reliability of the results

Private Database

Custom Database Analysis

Users can create their private databases for plagiarism checks, allowing for more personalized and relevant comparisons

Comprehensive Dual-Source Scanning

The algorithm cross-references your content against both public internet sources and your private database, ensuring an all-encompassing check

Detailed and Insightful Reporting

Comprehensive Result Compilation

The final report meticulously details the total percentage of matches, clearly differentiating between public and private sources

Clear and Informative Breakdown

Users receive an in-depth analysis of matches, offering valuable insights into the originality of their content

Refined Accuracy for Private Databases

Selective Stop Words Consideration

In scanning private databases, our algorithm smartly filters out common stop words, enhancing the precision of matches in these specific checks

Ongoing Algorithm Optimization

We continuously update our algorithm, ensuring it remains adept at handling the evolving challenges of data processing and content analysis