Fortify Your Business Content with Duplitext

Your Ally in Authentic Content Creation.

Key Features

Comprehensive Database Scans

Extensive checks against global online sources and private databases.

Accurate Similarity Reports

In-depth analyses with actionable insights.

Custom Integration

Seamless integration with business systems for streamlined content checking.

Benefits to Various Users

Marketing Agencies

Craft unique, engaging content, ensuring brand distinction.

Legal Firms

Verify the originality and confidentiality of legal documents.

Consulting Firms

Create credible reports and presentations, enhancing client trust.

Corporate Training

Develop exclusive training materials, reflecting your unique expertise.

Publishing Houses

Uphold publishing integrity by avoiding unintentional plagiarism.

Tech Companies

Protect code and technical documentation from replication.

HR Departments

Formulate unique internal policies and handbooks.

How It Works

Upload Document

Submit your business reports, content, or documentation.

Plagiarism Analysis

Duplitext scans the content against a multitude of sources.

Receive Report

Get detailed feedback on content originality and similarity.