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Key Features

Advanced Plagiarism Detection

State-of-the-art technology to scan texts against extensive online databases.

Accurate Similarity Reports

Detailed reports highlighting any matches or similar phrases.

Multiple File Formats

Supports a variety of file formats for ease of use.

Benefits to Various Users

Blog Writers

Maintain the authenticity of your personal and professional blog, establishing credibility with your audience.

Content Writers

Ensure your articles and web content are unique and engaging, setting you apart in the digital space.


Create compelling, one-of-a-kind copy for advertisements, websites, and promotional materials, enhancing brand integrity.


Safeguard the originality of your stories and manuscripts, protecting your creative expression.


Verify the uniqueness of your news stories and reports, upholding journalistic standards.

Academic Writers

Ensure your research papers and publications are free from unintentional plagiarism, preserving academic credibility.


Offer plagiarism-free content to your clients, building trust and professionalism in your services.


Protect the integrity of your scripts and screenplays, ensuring originality in every line.

How It Works

Upload Your Text

Submit your articles, blog, manuscripts, or copy.

Plagiarism Scan

Our tool scans against a vast array of sources.

Receive Report

Get a detailed breakdown of originality and similarity.