Elevate the Authenticity of Your Content with Duplitext Plagiarism Detection

Where Precision Meets Integrity

Introducing Duplitext Plagiarism Detection Service

Why Duplitext Stands Out

Advanced Algorithm

Duplitext uses a cutting-edge algorithm that harnesses fresh search private-index, ensuring all available online content is used for plagiarism checks. This approach guarantees up-to-date and comprehensive scans.

Precise Phase Detection

Unlike competitors that rely on sentence or paragraph checks, Duplitext detects phase similarity, examining sequences of six words for more nuanced and accurate results.

Private Database Integration

Users can incorporate their private files into our database, allowing for a unique dual-source check – a feature especially beneficial for institutions with proprietary content.

Confidential and Secure

Your content’s privacy is paramount. Duplitext ensures that your data remains confidential, never published, or shared, upholding strict privacy standards.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Our flexible pricing model means you only pay for what you use, making it a cost-effective solution for all users.

Plagiarism Detection

Upholding Academic Integrity

For students and professors, it's vital to ensure that academic work is genuine and credible.

Ensuring Content Originality

Content creators, copywriters, authors, and novelists need to safeguard their work against unintentional plagiarism.

Protecting Business Documents

Businesses must verify that their internal and external content is original and aligns with their values and legal requirements.

Services Include

Comprehensive Analysis

Duplitext scans your content against a vast database of internet sources and, if opted, your private files, highlighting any similarities or potential plagiarism.

Detailed Reporting

Receive reports with clear indications of matched content, including percentages of similarity and specific source identification, making it easy to revise and ensure originality.

Versatility for Various Users

Whether you are a student, educator, content writer, or business professional, Duplitext caters to your specific needs with tailored plagiarism checking solutions.