Secure Plagiarism Detection on Private Data

Your Exclusive Solution for Confidential Data Checks

Introducing Duplitext Private Indexing

Duplitext's Private Index service offers a specialized solution for institutions and businesses handling sensitive or proprietary content. This service allows you to create a private repository of documents and data, enabling precise plagiarism checks within your exclusive collection.

Why Private Indexing?

Tailored Plagiarism Checks

Create a customized database of your private content, providing a unique reference point for plagiarism detection.

Maintain Data Confidentiality

Your private private-index is exclusively yours. We ensure the utmost privacy and security, maintaining the confidentiality of your sensitive data at all times.

Integrate with Public Internet Sources

Alongside your private database, Duplitext also compares your content against publicly available sources, offering a comprehensive plagiarism analysis.

Ideal for Diverse Needs

Educational Institutions

Protect academic integrity by checking for plagiarism across assignments within a class or throughout the institution. Ideal for comparing students' works against a repository of past submissions.

Content Writing Companies and Businesses

Ensure originality in your content creation and documentation. A perfect tool for businesses seeking to maintain the uniqueness of their internal and proprietary content.

Custom Plagiarism Service Creation

Companies can leverage Duplitext’s technology to build their in-house plagiarism detection system, integrating their private private-index for an exclusive checking process.

Importance, Plagiarism Detection

Upholding Academic Integrity

For students and professors, it's vital to ensure that academic work is genuine and credible.

Ensuring Content Originality

Content creators, copywriters, authors, and novelists need to safeguard their work against unintentional plagiarism.

Protecting Business Documents

Businesses must verify that their internal and external content is original and aligns with their values and legal requirements.

How Private Indexing Works

Create Your Index

Upload and store your documents in a secure, private database.

Run Plagiarism Checks

Submit new content for plagiarism analysis against both your private private-index and public internet sources.

Receive Comprehensive Reports

Get detailed reports highlighting any similarities within your private database and external content, complete with precise matching and source identification.